Suwit Muay Thai boxing in Thailand and a guide to shopping for sportswear

Suwit Muay Thai boxing in Thailand and a guide to shopping for sportswear

So, you are counting down to your first Thai boxing training class, and you’re probably wondering what you would wear. Should you go bare-chested as we see in the movies? Would you need the gloves as a beginner? What are the essentials to buy when going shopping for your Thai boxing sportswear?

First of all, relax because there’s no pressure on you when dressing for Thai boxing training. At this early stage, you can start with a few basics and work your way up to other sportswear as you continue to learn.

Here’s a list of appropriate sport wears for training in a Muay Thai boxing camp in Thailand

1. Muay Thai Shorts  

The first and most important cloth to hop for is a Muay Thai short. This is because you will hardly find any other short that equates it in comfort and flexibility.

Muay Thai shorts have a unique design that allows them to have sufficient legroom for you to move about, kick, and jump as you train.

Most shorts are tight in the thigh and groin area, but Muay Thai shorts are completely free. However, endeavor to wear boxers under your gym shorts to prevent your priced jewels from being exposed.

2. Singlet  

Shopping for a singlet for Muay Thai boxing training is optional if you are male, but very necessary for female trainees because women are not allowed to fight topless.

It is normal to go topless when training in Muay Thai gyms in Thailand, but you should confirm if you’re training outside Thailand. Many persons avoid the singlets because they will end up getting drenched in sweat.

Ladies can choose to shop for a sports bra instead of a singlet if they would be more comfortable.

3. Boxing Gloves 

Protecting your hands is very important when training in Muay Thai, whether you are a learner or intermediate. Boxing gloves are the best for protecting your wrist and hands from accidents and injuries. Your training partner or teacher will most likely be putting one on, so you should do the same.

However, you can opt for a hand wrap if you won’t be comfortable training with boxing gloves.

4. Shoes  

Shoes are more necessary for the warm-up exercise that comes before the actual Muay Thai boxing sparring. The sparring is always done barefooted in the ring. But it is necessary to protect your foot when jogging, doing your cardio exercises, and running.

5. Mouth Guards 

If you’re going to begin sparring at Suwit Muay Thai boxing in Thailand, then you need mouth guards to protect your teeth and mouth from injuries in case you get hit on your mouth. Until you learn to dodge properly, you might get hit a few times, so protect your teeth as you train.

Also, Shin Guards may or may not be necessary when you begin your lessons, depending on how fast your training progresses. However, there’s no harm in shopping for them in advance to protect your foot, shin, and instep.

Now that you have this list, you can go shopping for your Muay Thai sportswear online at or in physical shops. Have fun training!